Forgedlite Wheels offer’s a 3 Year Finish Warranty & LIFETIME STRUCTURAL WARRANTY.To any of our customer’s who have a warranty issue, please contact us direct to our warranty department to handle any warranty claims.Forgedlite warranty is only for the original purchaser. Please make sure all wheels are test fitted for proper fitment and brake clearance.

Not Warrantied:

FORGEDLITE does not offer a “road hazard warranty.” This warranty does not extend to damage due to neglect, harsh chemicals, potholes, road debris, or collisions.
Curb rash wheels, rock chips, improper tire mounting, racing, improper installation, improper mounting equipment.Please make sure the installer has the correct mounting machines to mount tire on wheels.Wheels that have been altered, repaired, or modified in any form are not covered by warranty.

Stretched Tires:

We all know everyone wants the stretch look, however stretched tires does not give the wheel full support.Vehicles that use improper tire size or tire fitment may cause damage to the wheels as in Curb Rash, Bent ,or Crack Wheel.Improper tire fitment at high speed or cornering may even pull the bead from the wheel.For correct tire sizes and fitment, please feel free to contact us any time.It is up to the customer’s discretion to use an proper tire size.Damages as a result of improper installation or mounting with non-approved hardware are not covered by the warranty.

Wheel Maintenance:
We recommend the use of soap and water ” Standard Car Soap & Water “.We are NOT responsible for any stains or damage caused by chemicals , detergent’s , automatic car washes , polishing compounds , or coarse abrasive’s on FORGEDLITE Wheels.Wheels should not be cleaned while the wheels are HOT. Using chemicals, detergent’s, polishing compounds, automatic car washes may cause stains on the wheels, that are not covered under warranty.


Inspect shipments and contact the shipping company if any product is damaged in transit.

This warranty does not extend to damages as a result of improper shipping or handling by shipper.

All warranty claims must be sent to FORGEDLITE headquarters in Santa Ana, California for inspection before any claim can be accepted.

FORGEDLITE is not liable for any shipping costs involved for any warranty claims; this includes any expenses as a result of removal, installation, or loss of use.Any expenses covered will be at the discretion of the original purchaser  and determined on a case-by-case basis.